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As a psychologist working with children and adolescents, I am privileged to help each individual reach and enhance their innate potential and gifts. Children may struggle with a variety of factors which influence academic achievement and social development, such as:

-  underdeveloped internal image (self-esteem)

-  mood disorders (depression, anxiety)

-  symptoms of developmental disorders (ADHD, Asperger’s disorder, Autism, learning disorders, etc)

-  family dynamics (children of divorced couples, mixed families, parenting style, etc.)

-  birth order

My therapy services work to address both underlying causes and behavioral contributors- perhaps poor organizational or study skills- to academic and social success. Some benefits may include:

-  improved peer relationships

-  enhanced feelings of self-worth

-  increased positive communication between parents and children

-  a closer match between academic potential and actual performance

-  an understanding of how family dynamics may influence schoolwork