Healing S.T.E.P.S. (click words below to expand):



My personal philosophy is that a primary purpose of therapy is to help people to become more complete and authentic versions of themselves. In each of us lies pieces of ourselves which require healing in order to become cohesive and integrated. Some pieces have been internally bruised by the pain of depression or anxiety. Other pieces have been hidden in the shadows of fear or trauma. These pieces will continue to impair daily life and self-actualization, true growth and progress, until they are addressed and treated. Luckily, therapy can help to heal and integrate all parts of the self.

I specialize in the treatment of:

-  Chronic Pain and Illnesses

-  Pregnancy Loss and Infertility Sequelae

-  Sexual Abuse, Trauma, and PTSD

-  Interpersonal Relationships

-  LGBT Issues

-  Depression and Anxiety

-  Developmental Disorders

-  Academic Difficulties

We will work to address the above issues in the context of other mitigating factors within your life, in order to improve whole-life functioning and promote a healing personal growth process.